Welfare Reform

Its a public paid for Safety Net, Not a Lifestyle Choice.  Welfare was once an affordable safety net but somewhere along the line it morphed into a lifestyle choice trapping many recipients with it generous offerings.


The total cost of welfare used to rise and fall with unemployment figures. This is no longer the case. Regardless of how well we do reducing unemployment (or the figures at least), the welfare bill continues to climb.


There can only be two reasons for this:

  • Either the unemployment figures are not true and there are many more unemployed that we are told.

  • We are are just handing out ever increasing amounts of Universal Credit to an ever wider proportion of the population.

Whichever the reality, the bottom line is that it is not sustainable to continue financing an ever growing number of people who don’t or can’t work to finance themselves.

It’s been estimated that there are some 790,000 ‘hidden unemployed’ on incapacity benefits.  These men and women might have been expected to be in work in a genuinely fully employed economy.

Unemployment benefit claimants 1,550,000
plus Hidden unemployed on incapacity benefits 790,000


I am not saying we should stop payments and let people and families suffer. I am saying that we need to be tougher on those that ‘choose’ not to work.  The system needs a complete overhaul to help and offer a hand up out of the poverty trap.  We need to encourage people to work without penalising them for doing so.

In the long term we should enable people with the skills they need to improve their lives at an early age

In the short term we need to develop a tougher approach so that living off the welfare state isn’t a long term option and is discouraged.

Reforming the poverty trap that the welfare system has created is a generational task.

You have a choice; you can stand on the sidelines & moan about everything that is wrong with the Country & the dire state of current politics, or, you can get involved and help us to make the changes we all need....

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