About Me

I, James Fletcher grew up in Cheshire with my family who are proudly British,  Leaving for the bright lights of London to pursue a career in Electrical Installation along the way garnering an understanding of electrical equipment supply chains which has help me forge a successful career as a experienced Technical Sales Engineer.

I am married to the amazing Petra and have been blessed with 7year old twins Ella & James and our cats Ernie & Jinksy,  we have lived in Leagrave since July 2017.

I spend any free time taking part in fishing matches enjoying varied success, playing guitar and football


Why I Am Standing As A Candidate


Successive Labour & Conservative Governments have been squabbling over power for a lot longer than I can remember, We have watched many political leaders stumble from crisis to crisis with what appears to be absolute ineptness and incompetence.  This is not true and its clear that we have been led by outright liars and silent thieves who have gladly sold this great country and its people out for a few gold coins at the alter of globalisation and progress.  They have signed treaties that syphon of the responsibilities of duly elected leaders putting it in the hands of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrat committee groups all the while a merry-go-round of preselected leaders are pushing us towards the Net Zero/Green New Deal agenda.

This is becoming more apparent by the day that it is not in the UK’s national interests and needs to be stopped & public consultation should take place on these issues via a referendum.


the UK Government has in the last 3years has;

Failed to protect free speech

Failed to protect our heritage

Failed to protect our education

Failed to protect family life

Failed to protect our culture

Failed to protect the environment

Failed to protect jobs

Failed on their COVID19 strategies

Failed to protect the vulnerable


Westminster Politics in its current format is corrupt & stagnant and it clearly needs to be REFORMED.


Great Britain trading as an independent nation on a fair and equal basis with Europe and being able to do so freely without restrictions, with the rest of the world is probably one of the main reasons 17,410,742 people voted to leave the EU.  it was certainly one of mine.

Since the referendum on Thursday 23rd June 2016 and voting to leave an undemocratic EU,  I, like many others felt this was just the beginning and that the People’s eyes have now been opened to the benefits of being an independent sovereign nation.

I am proud to be British, but we must get our focus back.  We must take back control from the corrupt in the corridors of powers and begin rebuilding our country into one that work for us all… One that we can be proud of, one we can be proud to pass down to future generations.


Reform is now possible and essential in these key areas:

Our Economy

Our Public Sector

Our Energy Strategy

Our Institutions


This current unipolar establishment are so out of touch with the people they are supposed to serve and will all need replacing at the next GE.  For these reasons I am proud to join Reform UK who are standing candidates in every seat across the UK at the next General Election to offer a genuine alternative at the ballot box.

The people know it’s time for real change, the people know it’s time for Reform UK


Reform Party spokespeople can only present our policies nationally and locally making sure that everyone knows all about us.  From that point on it, the electorate will ultimately decide if they want us to form a Government & reform the many failing institutions in the UK which clearly badly need it.