MP’s & The House of Commons


The trail of sleave and corruption from Westminster is constant and appears never ending,  It is clear to the British public that the current political establishment are desperately trying to win back the trust of being an elected servant of this great country like they have been used to in the past.

They will never change, its just to keep the Uniparty in power.

If elected, I promise to demand more transparency regarding the House of Commons & MP’s other interests, Directorships, Consultancies, book writing deals, 2nd jobs and WEF jolly jaunts.

No elected politician should be making money out of serving their local and wider community.

I would tighten up MPs expenses.


On one hand, They introduce multiple low emission/ clean air zones thinking they are going to help the environment when we all know its just to tax the public . On the other, they persist in dipping into the public purse making unreasonable expenses claims.

We have to get rid of the double standards.


While your utility bills have been doubling, over 100 cross party MP’s have included the heating bills for their second homes on their MP expenses. We are not all in this together. They are also about to receive a £2000 pay rise.

We have to get rid of the sleaze.


When the energy cost increases that they have caused by cutting UK Gas production kicks in, Don’t worry though we are definitely all in this together.

We have to get rid of the incompetence.


MPs have never been held in lower esteem than they are currently.  Politicians, need to focus on the issues there constituents want solving in the local area rather than following the net zero WEF globalist agenda to a tee, like they have been doing and will continue to do so until they are stopped.  Our country has never been in a more precarious place than the times that we are currently experiencing that require unprecedented action.

MPs should be relocated to an office setting somewhere in the Midlands and close the Houses of Parliament for MPs to use and have it designated as a UK landmark tourist attraction…

This idea would save, and generate money in the short, medium and long term.


I accept, MP’s are only human, they will make mistakes, errors of judgement & fall foul of the rules.

However it seems to me that they no longer even try to maintain basic standards of decency, honour and respect that is required and expected as an elected member of parliament.

This has to change, with a Reform Government backed by the Great British Electorate. This will change.

You have a choice; you can stand on the sidelines & moan about everything that is wrong with the Country & the dire state of current politics, or, you can get involved and help us to make the changes we all need....

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