Foreign Policy

  • Reduce the foreign aid budget by 50% still a generous 0.35% of GDP.

  • Look to Deploy Manpower Instead of Money

  • Stop Imposing our ‘Democracy’ on others – End the endless.


Foreign Aid


Amongst wasteful government spending, one of the greatest areas is effective foreign aid. Our civil servants struggle to give away the billions of pounds each year so end up giving money to the EU and other global bodies to help spend it. Most of our foreign aid doesn’t even reach the people it is intended for & only lines the pockets of foreign rulers and dictators.

Instead, I would commit to providing our military as support for disasters worldwide as required. Boots, food and medicine on the ground direct to those who need it when required.


We cannot look after our own citizens of the UK adequately and yet we get involved around the world as a priority attempting to impose our version of democracy on countries that don’t really want it whilst imposing trade and financial sanctions on those that question our motives.


Regardless of our good intentions, many people in the countries that we get involved with resent our ‘assistance’.  and subsequently many of the terrorist atrocities we have faced have been inspired by our initial actions abroad.  Through Government foreign strategy are we creating the extremists that seek to harm us?


Opponents to this will say that by intervening in foreign affairs we are helping to protect the UK from further illegal immigration, economic migrants etc. But, economic migration has grown exponentially since we got involved with Afganistan, Iraq, Syria, etc.


Using a variety of methods but mainly small boats, Illegal migration coming to British shores has risen to levels never seen before in history with a slue of tory PM’s and Home Secretaries choosing tough rhetoric for public theatre instead of actually doing what is necessary to stop this invasion.


While we arguably have a moral duty to protect the persecuted, I would suggest that our current strategy for doing so is not working & is actually increasing the risk for our citizens.  The primary role of Government is to protect its people, culture and beliefs.


To save us more than half of the National Insurance increase in April 2022, I would reduce our foreign aid budget. Currently 0.5% of GDP and soon to be increased back to its previous level of 0.7% GDP down to 0.35%. That’s £7 Billion a year down from £14 Billion.


Our government appears to have an opposite view. Pensioners struggle to stay warm, homeless numbers increase, foodbank use increases, national debt increases, but before we deal with any of that, we as a country give away £14 billion in foreign aid. It isn’t sustainable.


I’m all for giving to charity. but, I only donate spare money I have. I firstly put food on my table, pay my utility bills, put fuel in my car etc and then with what’s left over I decide what to do with it.


I understand the sentiment, but if we can’t adequately look after our own population, then we cannot throw money we don’t have at misguided projects that don’t appreciate it..

You have a choice; you can stand on the sidelines & moan about everything that is wrong with the Country & the dire state of current politics, or, you can get involved and help us to make the changes we all need....

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