James Fletcher – Reform Party Spokesman for Luton North Constituency


My name is James Fletcher and I have been selected as the Reform UK Constituency Spokesperson for the Luton North constituency.  I will be standing as your Reform Party candidate at the next General Election.

My aim as the Spokesperson for a 3rd biggest political party in the UK is to introduce myself to as many constituents across Luton North as possible in the next 12 months.

At Reform UK we believe that we have a comprehensive set of common sense policies that will appeal to a broad cross section of the electorate.

If you are fed up with broken promises, high taxes and being taken for granted by successive Governments that seem to put everyone else ahead of you, then Reform UK is the party for you

The current Government has been in power for 13 years, in all likelihood they will have been in for 14 years at the time of the next General Election and all we have to show for it is High Tax, Low Growth & the drive to Net Zero at any cost.

The NET ZERO AGENDA must be stopped and the UK must withdraw from this agreement.


In 2016, the United Nations agreed a Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The agreement was opened for signatures on 22 April 2016 in New York.   The UK was the 111th signature on the list, King Charles 111 who while Prince made the call to action to many others around the globe advising them to  “use all the levers at our disposal”  to push this so called climate crisis agenda through which ensured corporate fascism was able to replace the the lifeblood of the UK economy which are small to medium sized businesses.

Below is the link for government build back greener agenda



The “Build Back Better” mantra chanted by the majority of the world leaders before, during and after they reluctantly released us from the draconian enforced lockdowns being used under the guise of a global pandemic alludes to the fact that this was most definitely planned and the many unnecessary restrictions which included people not allowed to visit loved ones in there last moments or only being entrusted with 20minutes exercise once a day were a flagrant disregard for civil liberties and the right to self determination.

From covid we moved to variants to super variants

From super variants we moved to the climate change agenda whilst attacking oil & gas industries.

In-between the modified weather so called climate change agenda we moved to the war against Russia in Ukraine.

You will notice it is the same people talking to us during lockdown that have created the the issues that we are facing today.

The same people that continually waste money on vanity projects rather than improving our public services locally and nationally.

The same people responsible for the soaring Cost of Living & no plan to fix the problem.

The same people pushing the Green net zero agenda & massive taxes hikes to pay for it.

The same people responsible for insufficient UK power generation to keep the lights and heating on affordably.

Our bills including petrol and diesel, food and many other basic supplies are all seeing large price increases from the producers which is being passed down to the customers,  This is making things very difficult for families up and down this country and it looks likely the economic situation will remain like this for some time, the blame lies squarely on the Boris Johnson Conservative Government and whatever it has morphed into later down the line to escape accountability.

Now our nation will now face many difficult challenges for years to come, we can overcome them. To succeed,

We need to do Brexit properly.

We must grow our way out of the crisis, we cannot tax our way out of it.


The UK sits on vast energy reserves of coal, oil, natural gas, shale gas and lithium.  Currently we are reliant on importing energy when we should be using our own British energy treasure to create wealth and jobs that remain here in the UK,  New technologies mean we can extract these commodities safely in a cleaner, cheaper way.  Cheap energy is the foundation stone that allows manufacturing to thrive and grow, It is essential for our industry to remain competitive.

Without it we are doomed to see more jobs and money go abroad.

Let’s have £1 trillion plus of proper levelling up by drilling down


Let’s have a proper immigration policy that works for our country and protects our borders.

We see repeated examples of citizens native to other countries who have migrated here legally or illegally celebrating in huge numbers other countries independence day on British streets as if this country is there own…  The volume and the rate that this has been happening over the last 10years is cause for immediate concern and shows how little both the labour party and the conservative party have done to curb the ever increasing numbers that have been coming to this country attracted by our generous social welfare system.

Enough is enough now and we need to get to grips of this situation, Rishi Sunak and his westminster pals are not going to do anything so it’s down to Reform UK


We will campaign relentlessly to protect our civil liberties and freedom of speech. We must be able to debate, test and challenge different views, consensus thinking, scientific theories and the establishment approach in a respectful way.

WE ALL MUST NOW STAND UP for our core democratic values, our civil liberties, our right to free speech, BEFORE IT IS ERODED AWAY.


We should celebrate and show our pride in being British: our amazing culture, our unbreakable communities, our incredible heritage.

We have lot to be proud of so..

Together, WE CAN make Britain Great Again!

This website contains my personal opinions & views, not official Reform Party policy. To see Official Reform UK Party policy, please visit Reform UK Party


Published and promoted by James Fletcher, Reform UK Luton North, c/o 83 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0HW.