Illegal Immigration


A responsible Government has a duty to protect our borders.

We must know who is coming in and who is going out of the country at our airports and ports.  Let’s welcome those who have high level skills and talents that we need, such as doctors, engineers, software designers, scientists, surgeons,  in tightly controlled numbers that meet our requirements.  We want these valuable people to come and work in the UK legally, and play by the rules, respecting our values.  This must not be an excuse however for cheaper labour that reduces wages in the UK,  Nor must it be an excuse for not training young people.
The amount of illegal immigration coming through our porous borders urgently needs to be addressed, current levels are unsustainable and must it be stopped.  We need to be bold and take difficult actions if we are to fix this problem.

people smugglers running dangerous small boat arrivals from across the English Channel can and must be stopped.  I am not sure why our Government is allowing illegal trafficking to take place right in front of our eyes

It has been claimed that almost 40,000 people have crossed the Channel in small boat arrivals so far in 2022, personally I think its a lot more than that.  Public awareness on this issue was rare prior to 2019 but since the sharp increase in numbers of beach landings, sea rescues that have been seen through social media platforms bringing instant live news to the forefront of public consciousness people see and realise the seriousness of this issue.

         and the Governments inability to take real action to tackle the problem!

In January to June 2022 over half (51%) of small boat arrivals were from just three nationalities –

Albanian (18%)

Afghan (18%)

Iranian (15%)

Everyone must know, NO ONE coming via these illegal routes will be allowed to stay in the UK.


Cases must be determined in just a few weeks if not sooner and people returned to where they came from. The cost to the taxpayer is already billions every year and the impact on local communities around the country is  making very significant impact on the identity of the UK.  most people concerned are afraid to speak out on this issue in what is effectively a restraint on free speech.


The Reform UK policies to deal with this growing crisis:

1) Publish the origin of Channel migrants monthly.

2) Instruct the Navy to give the location of launch points immediately to the French police and also to publish them publicly.

3) Pick up and take back boats under the existing laws provided in the 1974 International Convention of Safety of Lives at Sea (SOLAS).

4) Withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights and the 1951 Refugee Convention. We don’t need to be signatories to either to help genuine refugees in need.

5) Reform the Human Rights Act 1998.

6) Merge the existing Border Force and Immigration Enforcement departments into a single dedicated force, to be called His Majesty’s Border Force (HMBF)

.7) Remove the new HMBF from woke civil service control, attaching it to the Home Office as a separate entity.

You have a choice; you can stand on the sidelines & moan about everything that is wrong with the Country & the dire state of current politics, or, you can get involved and help us to make the changes we all need....

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