Law & Order

  • No more kneeling, politicised police officers

  • More, visible officers to target violent crime, robbery and burglary

  • More, visible officers to target, drug dealers, gangs and knife crime


In the UK we police by consent… otherwise known as having a smaller police capability than we actually need.

We need the public to have faith in our police officers, and that they will police equally, without fear or favour.  It certainly feels like everything is being policed except for crime.

Through the politization of our police, we have a two tier policing and justice system. We have seen different groups being given very different treatment. Our police officers knelt in front of Black Lives Matter protestors while they destroyed statues and caused damage, while donning full riot gear for the marches by ex-servicemen who only wanted to defend our statues from further harm.

We seem to have adequate police officers to visit you if someone somewhere takes offence, but not enough to attend a burglary. Online hate is obviously a rising issue, but should it take preference over more serious offences?

We need visible policing, not just around Westminster, but across the country, in towns and villages. We need to police more than just motorists. We need to have police that attend every burglary, every theft, not just a helpline that hands out crime numbers so you can claim on your insurance.


We must adopt a zero tolerance approach to crime and antisocial behaviour.

Common sense dictates more police on the streets will help prevent crime and help catch criminals.


  • Increase police numbers in the community, with officers on the beat, engaging with the local people.

  • Ensure there is more visible policing with a focus on combating violent crime, robbery and burglary rather than enforcing restrictions on free speech or policing tweets.

  • Target the menace of County Lines drug dealers, gangs and the growth of knife crime.

  • Our police need much better technology to help them when they are on the streets, some of what they currently use is archaic. This can substantially reduce bureaucracy and paperwork.

  • Reform our courts and justice system to work faster and smarter.

You have a choice; you can stand on the sidelines & moan about everything that is wrong with the Country & the dire state of current politics, or, you can get involved and help us to make the changes we all need....

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